Friday, 4 November 2016

5 Things To Think About Before Getting A Dog

I think I have always been a little bit of a know it all. As a child my mother sent me to ballet classes. After a few plies and a pirouette I came to the obvious conclusion that I was the reincarnation of  Anna Pavlova and there was nothing these royal ballet teachers could tell me that I , the oh wise 6 year old, didn't already know.
At 13 years old I managed to wingle my way into being home schooled then dismissing my math teacher because I of course knew better. This may be a good time to point out I received a very wonderful F  for my GSCE mathematics . So when it came to getting my first dog as a separate entity to my parents I the oh-so-wise, now 22 year old, knew exactly what I was doing and chose the breed I just KNEW was right.

I think my days of being a know it all are behind me. I foolishly chose a Pomeranian.
This may be the correct time to say that I am incredibly outdoorsy and was probably a duck in my previous life as I love nothing better than being all muddy and splashing about in puddles... a duck or a pig .. you decide!

This is Nala. A little Rescue Pomeranian. She make look super happy here ..but my goodness she really wasn't. She was very "vocal" and would growl at me an awful lot. I genuinely and whole heartily believe that its due to her not getting breed specific attention. She didn't enjoy our walks much and whenever I tried to have her join in on our expeditions she would struggle and I would spend the entire time carrying her. I could never provide her the lifestyle that she needed . A slow pace lap dog life where she could run the household.
I am super pleased to say however that she now has that attention from a wonderful lady called Vera. They work perfectly together and Nala ( now Nora) is incredibly pleased , happy and settled.

I knew once Nala had been re-homed I wanted another dog. This time (now Mrs know it all had hung up her know it all cap) I did my research and asked as many dog owners as I could what the best active and friendly breeds are. Every single person suggested an English Springer Spaniel. So here we are November 2016 and I have the love of my dog filled life, Bilbo Baggins. The correct dog for me. I genuinely believe we share a soul and if it wasn't for doing the groundwork and reading up I would never have been as happy as I am now.

So without further a ramble here are my top 5 thing to think about before getting a dog:

  1. Think about your lifestyle does a dog fit into that
  2. What breed is right for you ? 
  3. Can you afford a dog? Collars , food vet bills , beds ect.
  4. Do you have the time ? If not can you get a dog sitter?
  5. If getting a puppy do you have the patience to house train ?

Once you have considered it all. Love and cherish your canine companion and enjoy the unconditional love. 




  1. You're absolutely right, it's so important to pick breeds that are specific to your lifestyle. My family have a springer called Milly who is so bonkers, full of beans and needs soooooo much exercise. They are my personal favourite breed!
    Glad you've found your doggy soul mate! :D I can't wait till I'm allowed a pooch of my very own ^_^ (It will be a springer for sure) Bilbo is super cute :D x

    1. Millie is such a cute name for a dog. the next springer will be frodo I think :) . there really isn't a better breed . saying that Bilbo is incredibly calm in the house . maybe you should get one as a marriage present haha xx


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