Saturday, 12 November 2016

A very english guide to walking ones dog

* disclaimer:  written absolutely from a place of truth... ish

Theres a secret un said set of rules that you should try to stick to when on a dog walk.  I've been taking note of each and every rule for the last few months ready to post here. 
So make yourself a cup of tea and prepare yourself for a doggy education. 

Rule #1.  When walking past another dog walker ensure you do not full teeth smile.  Simply curl your top lip upwords. If the mouth curl is reapictated you may do a strong nod. 

Rule #2. Always pick up your dogs waste.  I personally use the fanciest pink vanilla scented resepticales.  

Rule #3.  If you see someone who is leaving there dogs waste ensure you do a simple tut or a shacking of head.  

Rule #4.  If you happen to have a randy pup then this one is for you. If you're Yorkshire terrier takes quite the fancy to a dashing brunette springer spaniel it may be the correct time to pop said puppy back on a leash.  

Rule #5.  If rule number four isn't achieved in time might I suggest ignoring rule one and going for full teeth smiling possibly accompanied by a dry humoured joke. 

                                           I hope armed with this you can now finally enjoy a good walk.  



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