Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Personal letter Written By A Dog

Dear Human

What a shit storm 2016 has been. Not only did some of you employ a mad man as your leader but you even destroyed the bake off.  Yet do not worry tall food giving creatures I am here to help and guide you into the new year.

Here are a few resolutions you can all abide by to help you into the new year.

1-  Get a dog to run the country.  I understand we have someone somewhat similar to that currently but why not go half a step further and just hirer a Poodle.

2-  Don't think about money any more.  It ruins the good things.  * see reference to the bake off

3- After the current climate please protect Dame Maggie Smith. She's wonderful.

I hope that these help you a little bit.

Have a wonderful 2017...  Don't mess it up!!!



Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Hobbit and Guru

I don't know how many of you have ever had the pleasure of meeting a hobbit so let me tell you now they are totally obsessed with food. Naturally with my springer spaniel puppy being so obsessed by eating I had to name him Bilbo Baggins.

With him not being a fussy eater it meant I could try him out on anything and he would just eat it.  It has also meant I couldn't tell if the food wasn't any good as he gave no clues.

I very stupidly gave him a supermarket brand, that shall remain nameless,  kibble. He bloated out, he smelt of dog,  darted poison and his poo well.... Let's not shall we.  So after seeing a lot of posts online about cold pressed dog food I decided to give it a go.  Thanks to a few lovelies on instagram we were led to guru.

If you don't know what cold compressed food is it's a method of producing dog food at very low temperatures. That means that it retains all of the vitamins and nutritional growth.

Guru recommended a switching over period where you mix it with there old food. I didn't have to do this because.. Well...hobbit and food.

I thought I would list out the befits Bilbo has had after 8 weeks of being on guru surf and turf.

- Better coat.  His coat is shiny and soft now.

- Sustained energy.  His energy doesn't spike and drop.

-He smells better. He isn't sweating out any nasties.

-His poo is easier to pick up

-His immune system is higher

-He's better behaved

Honestly I really am so happy that he is on guru and I cannot recommend it enough

                                                            Shannon & Bilbo


Thursday, 1 December 2016

The art of bathing

I don't know how many of you wonderful readers has owned or even encountered an English Springer spaniel.. If you haven't let me tell you this,you don't tend to see many shiny sparkly clean ones.
They have this special talent of looking shiny on the outside but under that glossy coat is inches of dust and mud and those incredibly annoying sticky bud things.

I know the art of bathing your dog can be quite controversial as to if you should,  when you should and such. So I think I might refrain from saying the frequency of the de-mudding and just say our routine.

 Floppy ear club :
We use something called water wipes to clean inside his ears.  It really is so important to make sure they stay clean as we leant first hand. Spaniels are very prone to infections if you don't check them.

Sleepy eyes :
We always make sure with the water wipes (or cotton wool and water)  to wash underneath his eyes and remove all sleep.

Brush brush and brush again:
Oh my goodness those tangles.  I personally think it is so important to brush your pup each day to prevent tangles and matted hair. It also can be a lovely bonding time for you and your pawsome buddy.

Monkey life:
I genuinely feel like a monkey when I have to do this  after each walk I have to go through bilbos ears and feathering and remove those really incredibly annoying sticky things made by Satan just to stick to your pup!!

The power of a wet wipe:
The magical wonderful things.  I actually wet wipe bilbos paws before he enters the house as I don't really enjoy paw prints on my cream sofa ( I know terrible choice in colour).

A good hose down:
I would say I have to do this a ridiculous amount of times a week. Sometimes a wet wipe can't get all that dirt out and when your dog likes to get cosy in your bed muddy dogs aren't the best.

Bath :
I made the foolish mistake of asking on a Facebook page about how many times a month do people wash there pups. Oh my gosh golly goodness was there heat!  one woman even wrote me a private message saying that you wouldn't see a dog walking down to the river with a bar of soap in the wild so they clearly don't need to wash....
I don't really agree as dogs are domesticated now but that's an entire post on its own.
When we do give bilbo a bath we use pethead life's an itch.

I hope that you enjoyed my post more than bilbo enjoys a bath.

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