Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Making An Omber Lead With Millie & Bailey

It is no big secret that I am awful at crafts. The only type of craft I have ever been semi good at is cosplay and even then I choose characters with the least amount of very little work! So when our friend at Millie & Bailey sent us this kit to try out I was filled with all the apprehension in the world. To my delight it was easy peasy and even I the anti Christ of craft did quite a good job.

The kit come with dye , gloves and rope lead with clasp already attached. Much to my gratitude as when it arrived I had panicked I at have to braid the lead and I find tying my laces a challenge!

I think all things considered we did quite a good job. Totally obsessing over this lead. Make sure to get yourself one by clicking here.

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Movie Night With Bilbo & Bear

Is there anything better than a movie night with your best friend ? Add snacks to the mix and you really are on to a winner. We chose our favourite film (lady and the tramp obviously) and three of our very tastiest of snacks.

Doggy Popcorn: The very yummiest of things. As human popcorn is covered in sugar and salt...not so good for the canine stomach this is a very delicious go to. We have seaweed flavour!!

Neoh & Nobo Banana and turmeric cookies. Truly delicious. We dip these in all sorts and eat away..very messy for human hands.

Last but not least ... Neoh & Nobo Peanut butter... my goodness this is amazing!!!! It makes for some serious mess but its absolutely delicious.

What is your favourite snack to have whilst watching a movie?

Don't forget we have a discount code at Neoh and Nobo BILBOBEAR20 . Feel free to try it out !!

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Pup Of The Week : Honey I dressed The Pug

Photos owner by Honey I dressed the pug

Pup Of The Week : Honey I dressed The Pug

If you are even slightly into fashion and have a fondness for the canine companion then there is no way you haven't heard of Honey I dressed the pug. They are blogging elite. Ari is totally and utterly a fashion I con and this dynamic duo could make even the least fashion forward soul fall in love with them.  




Many - puggy, pugster, Aru, Mr. Ari, I think of a new one every day ;)



Favourite Food: 

Bread with butter and Cheese!

Best trick:

 Best and only trick is high five, he is a pug so likes to do his own thing, not very easy to train.

Cheekiest Habit :

 Constantly staring at you while you are eating, so you feel guilty and give him a bite.

What made you choose a Pug ? :

There was a famous ad in India, which had a pug in it, it was for Vodafone, they still have the same concept of ads in India with a pug. I saw it almost 15-20 years ago and just loved the chemistry between a young boy and his pug, the tag line was 'wherever you go, your network follows' based on the fact that pugs follow their owners everywhere. I loved it so much, that I decided if I ever got a dog one day, it would be a pug.

When you were choosing Ari how did you know he was the one? 

He chose us actually, out of the seven pug puppies, he was the one who parked himself by my husband's feet :) we knew he was coming home with us.

How long have you been blogging your adventures for?

 A little over a year.

What is the best adventure that your blogging has taken you on?

I would say it was a shoot with Olympics player Amy Williams last year. Ari was a part of the promotion for Rio Olympics 2016.

what is the most embarrassing moment you have had with Mr Ari ? 

It was on a train back from Brighton, Ari had had a few french fries and he kept farting on an overcrowded train, it was bad kind of attention all the way to London ;)

Make sure to check out there amazing blog if you haven't already, by clicking Here

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Guide Dogs : The Great British Dog Survey

Calling all dog owners..


 The charity Guide Dogs has announced that their Great British Dog Survey - a fun nationwide questionnaire, that gets dog owners chatting about their beloved pooches, is now open! They’d love for you to take part and answer fun questions about your dog’s personality and cheekiest habits by visiting, .You’ll also be entered into a prize draw (terms and conditions apply) with a chance to win one of 10 prizes, including a fabulous doggy photoshoot with well-known pet photographer, Rachel Oates – see below her fab work or visit for more examples.

Rachel Oates Photography 1 2 (005)

By getting involved in the #GBDogSurvey your answers will provide a better understanding of British mutts, which helps Guide Dogs raise puppies to become the extraordinary life-changers you see on the streets.

They’d like as many dog owners as possible to put their pooches on the map so go ahead and get involved!

GBDS Spaniel (004)

 For more information about the charity Guide Dogs visit

This blog post was written by the Guide Dog Charity

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Big Tick Project

Walking your dog is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It's incredible for both hound and human.  After a wonderful walk in the countryside you get home , take off your boots and make a cup of tea....and if you are me, eat one to many cookies.

 I am here today to talk to you about adding something to your routine. Checking for ticks. It only takes a few minutes to do and could save your pup so much irritation pain and hurt.
I have never been one to check for ticks, which in hind site seems totally ridiculous as I live in the country side where they are out in great force. After being contacted by The Big Tick Project my eyes were opened to  how common they actually are.

Ticks are found in one third of dogs. These pesky vampire bugs aren't just hitting us country bumpkin dogs but also urban areas. They carry a ridiculous amount of diseases including Lyme disease.
In April 2015 Professor Richard Wall conducted a study showing that they really are everywhere and don't just populate woodland areas.

It isn't all doom and gloom though. There are so many ways to prevent and treat the ticks and the diseases they carry.

Ways to Protect your pooch from ticks:

  • Groom regularly checking for ticks as you go
  • Talk to your vet on ways to prevent them ( they can prescribe an oral tablet, a collar and even a spray)

Now if you find a tick there are a few options that are available to you:

The best thing to use is a tick removal hook specially designed with a narrow slot. It needs to be carefully slid under the tick at skin level. Vets , amazon and ebay all have these. 

Make sure the hook is in the place around the mouthparts of the tick. Keep an eye on the hook not being tangled in your pups hair.  

Rotate the hook a few times until its freed. Try and wear gloves.... They are full of nasty infections! 

I hope that this blog post has helped raise awareness on these vampire bugs. Please follow this link for the wonderfully helpful map that The Big Tick Project have made showing the highest risk areas.

Have fun in the outdoors and stay say.

Bilbo & Bear 


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Ginger & Browns + Tail Mail Review

If it isn't dog friendly it even friendly ?!

 Ginger & Browns

This has been a review a long time coming. I was one of the first customers in this gorgeous little shop and a year later I am back to review it.  Ginger & Browns is a pet shop tucked away in the heart of Blakemere Village, Cheshire.

I fell in love with their true honesty and genuine approach. No chains or labels just good quality , tried and tested wonderfullness. Every product is presented with such Love that I always feel myself handing my wallet over and screaming...
                                                              " TAKE MY MONEY". 


This pet mecca is split into a few sections.
 Food, where they stock our favourite Natural Instinct and many others... you wont be finding bakers or Waggs here.
Then dogs , cats and wildlife. I wont be talking about the cat or wildlife part as ... I am sorry to those who I am about to deeply offend.. I am not a person of cats and as I have a bird dog I tend to not supply bird food in the garden in a hope to help there survival.

When visiting Ginger & Browns Bear wore his Millie & Bailey collar. We are obsessed with Millie & Bailey as you may have seen in our earlier post ( here) .
Paddington Bear was totally spoiled when he visited the shop by one of the owners, Josh.

Whenever I take Bilbo for a visit he rushes to the dog pick a mix and the toys. Little Mr Bear tried to sneak himself into all the beds he could reach...Oh to be a Cavalier.

 While speaking to Josh he recommended we try Tail Mail  . Of course we jumped at the opportunity!! Keep Scrolling to see all about it!

Tail Mail

We have been desperate to try out a dog box for a while but haven't found any we truly thought fit with us. Until now. Tail Mail is a monthly subscription box where you tailor a box to fit your dog and get a wonderful surprise!!!  You can choose from a few different types of boxes . You must have a little look at all the options as there are loads!!

This is what we ordered. So you get an idea as to what you might be expecting in the box here is what was in ours.  

 Beautiful Joe's Ethical Treats- These are such a lovely natural product. 100% Ox Liver. For Every Tin of treats that is bought from Ginger & Browns or Tail Mail they donate one to Manchester & Cheshire Dogs home... So basically this is the only treats the boys are getting now. Such a wonderful gesture.

A Tough Rhino- This Rhino is made from buffalo suede leather and is lined with double jute and finished with extra strong stitching.

Disclamer: Bilbo Baggins The Springer Spaniel broke and destroyed this in 2 and a half hours... Thats 2 hours and 29 minutes longer than all the other toys we have ever had! He has only however destroyed the trunk and was unable to get through the rest !

Billy & Margot Popcorn- I cannot wait to watch a film with Mr B and have these. He really loved the flavour when he tried it. 

Anco Lamb Ears - 100% natural air dried treats to keep your pup occupied.

By Benji Biltong for dogs - My south African uncle eats Biltong a lot but I didn't know you could get it for dogs. Needless to say they went mad for it!!

We will absolutely be ordering another box soon....this time probably the destroyer box!!!

To see more from this incredible and wonderful shop click here 

Bilbo & Bear 


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Bilbo & Bear For Nobo ( Very Exciting News)

Bilbo & Bear for Neoh & Nobo 

Happy Sunday everyone !!! Welcome to a very exciting post. We have been made an official squad member of the Neoh and Nobo crew.  You may have read our first post about them ( here ) .We are always on the hunt for brands that we feel we can really back.

As I am quite the health geek being associated with a brand that really looks at there cooking from a simplistic , quality over quantity perspective makes me so excited and happy.

We are here to tell you all the super duper wonderful news that we have a 20% off code


Neoh and Nobo do so many products which you can see by clicking  here .   I was ridiculously excited that they now put your pups name on the actual treat !!! How cute is that ?!

I would say the very most incredible thing is the three ingredient peanut butter. I have never seen the boys go as crazy for anything in my entire life. Lets put it this way... while shooting for this blog I got peanut butter in my hair up my back and even in my eyebrows. They went mad for it!

I honestly can't recommend it more.

I hope that you try these treats out by using our very wonderful 20% off. I know I will be!

Have a wonderful weekend

Bilbo & Bear 

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