Friday, 20 January 2017

I'll Have Muscles like Schwarzenegger

Muscle. Something I have been helping Bilbo build on since I got him all those months ago. He has always been quite a lean pup ( although now dog ?! stop growing Baggins). Its been an uphill battle to get his muscle tone and definition on show. Now we seemed to have hacked it I thought it a good idea to share how we did it.  Here are our three top tips :

  1. Get that good grub in. We mentioned in a previous post that we swear by Guru cold pressed food. It is truly fantastic and it has really improved the condition of his coat; not to mention his general well being. Bilbo has been on many a food from the super wonderful yet slightly pricey Lily's kitchen to Raw food. 

    2. Strength work. Cycling with Mr Baggins on the lead really was vital. Not only did it burn out a little of
        his energy it also was good for muscle gain. Make sure to use a harness though, as it can be quite a predicament when they pull and choke themselves on the lead.

   3. Nemo it up . Swimming is the most fantastic exercise for lean muscle growth. It adds no strain to their joints. We go to our local canal and lake, however there are many dog swimming pools around the country.

                                          I hope this works for you as well as it did for us.

                                                       Shannon & Bilbo Baggins


  1. Primarily it's all leading to the 3 movies particularly, and obviously, infinity war.


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