Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Letter On Dental Hygiene by Mr Bilbo Baggins

Dear Reader,

I don't know about you but I would say my smile is fantastic. My teeth are white as a Targaryen and as Strong as a Dragon. I could see that I could be quite the fellow to bestow your envy upon. I'm just ..wonderful.

Don't panic though lovely reader, I thought I would share my ways of keeping my teeth wonderful so you may one day be just as gorgeous as I am.

Owner Edit : I apologise for the vanity of Bilbo ...he really is Gaston...and a total snob.
Firstly request a carrot. If one isn't provided daily then demand one. Stamping your paw on the floor is particularly good way of showing your servant *human that you are in the need of something. If this fails to work then check back next week for my masterclass in getting your own way. Just remember a carrot a day keeps the tooth fairy away. That flying pest likes to try and take my thunder. Tooth fairy if you can read this .. your actions will not be tolerated.

Make sure to brush those glorious chompers. You must have your designated and most trusted servant *human brush your teeth. I ensure that we use only the finest of tooth paste. Only a meat flavored wonder will suffice.

Lastly a raw bone every so often is excellent for not only removing that undesirable yellow from you're teeth but is also rather delicious.

Enjoy being enlightened with my wisdom.

Yours Faithfully
Mr B. Baggins


I did tell you all he could talk..wish he wouldn't some times. 
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