Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Bicycle Race

As a musician it is only right that I listen to the wise lyrics of Queen and say I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE.

Bilbo has taken to running alongside the bike like a duck to water. We ride three times a week along a beautiful canal path . Its a ride made of all the best things.

Oh and mud of course.

As any working dog, Bilbo has a high work drive. I will never just have him at home as a lap dog but I can't work him in the traditional way as I have not got a gun licence and that really isn't my thing.  So I thought in today's post I would share my ways of working a working dog.

  • Gun dog training once a week. We don't intend on hunting however I feel like breed specific training can be super important and fun.
  • Bike riding. Physical stimulation is amazing for working breeds. Bilbo is particularly tricky to tire out as he is energetic . So having him run alongside the bike works an absolute treat.
  • Tricks. Training things like sit, lay down  and fetch is fantastic for mental stimulation.
  • Working around the house. Bilbo is trained to do many a helpful thing in the house. His absolute favourite is to give me the post. It keeps him mentally stimulated throughout the entire day. My favourite is when he will fetch his blanket and then tuck me in. Super adorable. 

I hope these are of some help to you all. Remember all dogs not only working dogs absolutely love to learn.


Shannon & Bilbo

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