Saturday, 25 February 2017

For The Love Of Tweed

 Hounds and Humans may I please Introduce to you my most favorite of Crafts lady Natalie Chapman from Millie and Bailey.

I have been obsessed with there work since last year so was completely overly excited when they agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Creator - Natalie Chapman

Aged 25 & living in Cheshire I’m the animal mad lady sat behind the sewing machine, dye buckets and camera lense! I’ve always loved animals working at stables when I was only 9. I did a full 8-5 shift just for 2 canter laps of the arena as payment! To get my first Dog I had to walk the neighbours beautiful cocker spaniel Rio everyday for several months before my parents would even consider it, so my enthusiasm for animals was simply ingrained in me! I would do anything to be around them later studying a diploma in animal management at college to expand my knowledge and a diploma in dog grooming so my dogs all get to stay at home to be cut. M & B is not my full time job so I suppose the dream is to one-day design items full time. J

The Testers & Models

Bailey (pictured with me)– Sadly passed away late 2016, my first Dog and big inspiration for Millie & Bailey. My little brother as I called him, often came on supply trips, deliveries and could be often found sat under my desk causing fatal misses when he plonked on the machine pedal!!!! His was always at hand to try on, model and be photographed and I miss him dearly still. I like to think his legacy lives on in the M & B products so he will always be remembered, you’ll still see his photo about our social sites and webpage. J

Harvey & Millie – More spaniels! These cheeky pair model and test my products before they make it to the shop to ensure the highest quality and safety, which is very important to us.

Boysie, Lewie & Jack – More testers but of the equine kind! The equestrian side is something we are slowly expanding into and these boys are always at hand to try on & be measured.

When did I get into crafts?

Both my grandmas were sewers and had worked in factories making coats and clothing for companies such as Marks & Spencer’s. They came from an era where sewing was popular, people often made their own clothes and there was nothing they couldn’t make! Passing their skills to me on rainy days where we would stay in and make things, it was said how I took it straight away. My love for making things for my pets that couldn’t be found in the shops was what inspired me to take the plunge and start Millie & Bailey meaning I could create unique accessories for pets all over the world!

What’s my inspiration/favourite thing?

I love seeing the finished product on the beautiful animal its been purchased for! A happy customer and owner is the greatest satisfaction, many hours go into
designing and picking every detail from the fabric to the thread so its very rewarding when someone else likes and appreciates your work

We are truly in love with Millie and Bailey and We are sure you will be too.
Make sure to check out the site .


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