Tuesday, 14 February 2017

If Guru Be The Food Of Love, Eat up by Bilbo Baggins

Dearest Reader,

As my last post was so clearly much better than all my servants human posts I thought I should bestow my presence upon you ..as it is Valentines day after all.

A love to last through the ages. I, myself ,savior of the free world, first of my name (Definitely not the first),Mr Bilbo Baggins love my food. A love that shows no discrimination and hold no limitations. Never excluding only including as food is the very stitching of my life.

I have tasted many types of food. From Pedigree to those delightful little parcels the horses leave on there travels *honestly Bilbo..that really is poo   <--- It is not poo. Uneducated servant . They are gifts from the four legged gods. 

No food however has ever made my coat quite as shiny and my eyes as sparkly as Guru. I salivate at the simple thought of it. I have only been able to try the surf and turf as of yet as my servant owner is what I call "on-a-budget" and its a little bit less. Hopefully one day we can try the meat bag.

*note to self: Have stern words with human and demand meat version
Guru did include something rather fabulous in our recent order.  A tripe Bone. It says on it " Do you woof someone enough to share your Last Trip Bone?" .... Well yes Guru. Yes I do. Myself.  So that is exactly who I shared it with. Me.

To conclude I love food as much as I love myself.

Yours Faithfully
Mr B. Baggins

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