Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Today Is My 111th Birthday! *Happy First Birthday B

Well It has been a year of your Bilbos and what a better way to celebrate it than with cake. I wanted to dedicate this blog post to all the good Bilbo has achieved.
Dear Mr Baggins,

You are always there when I feel down. If my heart is at its lowest you will shower me with cuddles and bring me a blanket to snuggle in.

You are patient and kind and no matter who, animal or human, may come through our home you have always been okay with it ...even with that terrible old kitten ...which I sincerely apologise for.


When a dog went to attack me you were there to protect me. You have never let me fall into danger .

You were there for me when our Border Collie had to be put to sleep. Patiently waiting outside the door. When I stumbled home heartbroken and a wreck you were there to catch my fall. You never left my side not even for a moment.

You are always there to help with the housework , if that be the leftover food on dishes or to be a much more effective hoover than I could ever buy. You even help me load the washing machine.
You bring me my slippers the second I come through the door and fetch the mail no matter what room I may be in.

You always pull me from place to place ready to show me all the exciting things .. however much rope burn I may get.

An awful lot of people seem to look at me like I am slightly doolally for my infatuation with dogs. Until they meet you.  
                            Keep being the dude that you are B. You are wonderful and incredible.

Happy birthday darling

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