Friday, 24 March 2017

A Rather Exciting Announcement

Hello lovelies. I am so sorry for being quiet for the last few weeks however due to human personal palavers we were unable to post but by george do we have a wonderful post to jump back into the blogging pool with.
If you follow either of the boys on Instagram you will already be aware that Mr Bilbo Baggins has been made an official ambassador to Herky The Cavaliers new boutique .
They have just launched there incredible leashes and bandannas. They are reversible and such beautiful quality.  

I am about to do a very honest review as I have really put these leads through there passes with the pulling of Mr Baggins. 

*disclaimer I have been sent these products but all opinions are my own

The review

I wanted to wait a few weeks before I released this post so I could really use them and give you an honest review.

The bandannas are reversible and attach to the collars which I thought was incredibly clever. Usually we loose our bandannas when we are on walks as when tied on they just fall off. The quality is stunning and we received many the compliment on how fantastic they looked.

Now we must discuss the leads.Aesthetically they are stunning. The omber effect of the yellow is incredibly fun and I have never seen that before. It makes it a real stand out piece and is so wonderful for summer.We will be saving it  for bear as he gets older and a little bigger.

The navy lead I have kept for Bilbo. This is because he is a self confessed mud monster and the yellow isn't practical for him.

I don't know if anyone has noticed that Bilbo is always on a slip rope lead. This is due to him being such a puller and leads usually snap!!!
I nervously went out for a walk with just a collar and his new navy lead. Apprehensive for failure. My oh my was I wrong! The lead has so much wonderful flex in it that when he pulled it neither snapped or gave me rope burn. It is incredibly comfortable on the hand. I couldn't get over how soft it was.

10/10 recommend and I plan on ordering a few in some other colours too.

If you love these leads as much as we do check out the site here and you can use the discount code Bilbo.

                                                             Have a wonderful day

                                                                  Bilbo & Bear




  1. The most PAWFECT ambassador (s) ! So nice to see you sharing with Paddington Bilbo !!! You look just perfect xxx PS. So happy to see you back here posting !

  2. So wonderful to see Bilbo and Bear wearing our stuff! They're looking great :) and we're also so happy to know that you like the leads!!! HOORAY 😁😃❤

  3. I need one of these leads....they look great. I will send one to my sisters as both have dogs. Great review x

  4. Well researched and written. They are pretty..haha.. I could use one as a belt.

  5. Oh gosh so cute! I love them! Congratulations on becoming an ambassador!
    Emma & Alfie xox


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