Saturday, 29 April 2017

Adventure Is Out There

5 years. Half a decade. Guys that's a bloody long time. Wedding anniversaries usually mean fine dining fancy footwear and extra diamonds. Well my darling readers on our anniversary I fell in horse poo. Our celebrations mean pub grub, wellington boots and extra blisters ( from Mr puller Bilbo).

The day started how any day should, with pancakes. We ate till we couldn't eat any more. I was presented with the sweetest of paintings. I gave Mr J the owl and the pussy cat the day before we got married so I love how it went 360.

We dropped Oscar off for a day of adventures with Granny and went on our own.
You may notice we have the Ellie Badge from Up. Jack and I had an UP themed wedding so every anniversary we dust out the badge and pin it with pride.

Our favourite pub allows dogs inside and out so off we went. After tucking into a magical feast we went for a stroll down the sunny canal path. Some of you who have followed Bilbos Instagram for a while may remember his fear of the water... I know a Springer with a Fear of water....

Seems he has lost that and went deep into the canal. Bear attempted to follow when after dipping a paw and a half in came to his senses remembering he is in actual fact a Cavalier and not a Springer.

I have to say that these sunny days really are a thing of dreams. While Jack played with Bilbo , throwing sticks into the water, I sat with Bear making flower crowns.

All fairy tales end in something ridiculous though. Of course they do. They have too. While on the walk...  I fell into horse poo. Not the dry kind either. The kind that squishes into your toes. Truly vile but completely hilarious.

Usually I would end with something like " what a lovely end of the day" This time Ill end this post a little differently...

Watch were you walk ladies and gentlemen.


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Pure Pet Food Review

Dear Reader,

We are creatures of habit. We wake up we eat , we play we eat we snooze and we eat! The entire notion of changing that routine by even a smidge is totally out there, So when our owner received a different brand of dog food in the post I couldn't believe my eyes !

I have a very refined taste. I eat only the highest quality of food .. and the occasional horse poo... but that is another matter entirely. The wonderful people at Pure Pet Food sent us a few goodies to try.

Pure is incredibly easy to set up.  Scoop and pour water over It. The ingredients are high quality and the smell sent us mad!!

I think it is important to be honest and say that neither bear or I have temperamental taste buds. We are not members of the fussy fur friends club. But I am told by those with a very fussy dog that this Is truly incredible. 

We really recommend this product as my owner didn't have to weigh things out or fuss to much.

I hope my human makes more 

Kind regards,  


Nobody Likes You When You're 23

Last weekend was my birthday. I was very lucky to have the sunshine come out to say hello good day goodnight and farewell. 

I had the full intention to disguise myself as a spear of grass so I could bask in the sun all day. As that seemed to not be the done thing on a birthday I decided to have an afternoon tea party instead!!
I was very lucky to have my soul sister Emma and My most sarcastic of cousins Alexandra travel all the way to the shire. I felt incredibly loved. We laughed and ate then ate some more. They both had the wonderful idea of sitting out in the sunshine so we layed on deck chairs letting the sun kiss our noses. 

My Son painted me the sweetest of pictures and I collected so many cards that I could pile them up to reach my waist. My son , Oscar had chicken pox so he spent most of the day tucked away in bed watching movie after movie.

I of course did not forget about the two beings who made the day a little more fun.
The Spaniels. 

I feel like they knew something was different. I am not sure if they could sniff the age, spot a grey hair or simply became excited as the house was filled with the happiest of people. I decided that there was absolutely no way I was going to have a birthday party without making them something to eat too!!

I made them Grain Free Peanut Butter Cupcakes. I have been debating a little cooking series soon and as these went down a treat I will show you all how to make them then.

All in all I had an absolutely wonderful day.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and love.


Friday, 7 April 2017

The Day A Cavalier Charmed Chester

In the spirit of spring I am trying something new. I hardly ever blog about my little expeditions out with the dogs as I hadn't thought it would have been of any interest but I'm thinking I would like to look back on it all.  A little disclaimer though. With these sort of posts you will notice that its mainly Bear. Bilbo hasn't got the best of manors when we go exploring so he is walked before hand and left at home with a juicy bone and a film of some kind.

So without further rambelings let me tell you all about the day the Cavalier charmed Chester.

On a sunny Friday my dad called me up and suggested we took a drive to Chester. So I scooped up my son and his most favourite of companions, grabbed my camera and keys and started our adventure.
While driving we passed canal after canal , field after field and counted each cow we past. All while Paddington Bear squished his little nose onto the car window. I think he must love the cold feeling.

We arrived and straight away went to find some food. Both my father and my son ... and my dogs for that matter.. are obsessed with food. We have a house of winnie-the-poohs in all heights. 

I cannot believe how dog friendly the places are in Chester. We chose a tiny little cafe called The cafe at the walls. Its wonderfully dog friendly as they are allowed both inside and out.

There cakes are delicious too.
We then went for a walk down the canal side. Its so wonderfully dreamy and you can't help but become obsessed by the way the ducks dance about on the water. I can see why living on a canal boat is so appealing to some. 

My dad was also smitten with Paddington. He isn't really fond of dogs but made many the attempt to hide little Bear in his jacket and take him back to his home. I think not dad ... I think not.

I would say if you are ever going on an adventure in a highly populated area with any cute dog make sure to add an extra 30 minutes to your time as we were constantly stopped for photos. 

I had a wonderful day. I'm now at home curled up writing this to you with Bilbo by my knee. A very happy day indeed.

I hope that you like this style of blog post

Always yours,


Saturday, 1 April 2017

Lily's Kitchen Sardine Bake

I have always said how much my boys love their food. I could put anything in front of them and they will eat it. That puts me in a fantastic situation to explore different types of feeding.
A dear friend of mine gifted me an incredible recipe book for dogs and I could not wait to try it out.
 Lily's kitchen is one of my favorite dog food brand especially for treats so I was very excited to cook from it.

I chose to make the Sardine Bake as we are currently looking after Bears sister who is very much the fuss pot but loves fish. Sardines are so wonderful as they have omega-3 and are rich in protein. Fantastic for for healthy strong bones. There is also an abundance of B12.

There are very few ingredients which means that even for the laziest of chefs its super easy.


  • Pre heat the oven at gas mark 4
  • put the sardines in a small bowl  and smash them 
  • add the peas
  • lay half the potato slices on the bottom of the dish, cover with the mashed sardines and peas then finish with the remainder of the potato slices
  • cover the dish with foil and bake in the oven for 30 minutes until cooked through
  • allow to cool to room temperature before serving. it will keep if covered, in the fridge for up to 4 days.

 Both Bilbo and Bear absolutely loved it furthermore Poppy loved it. I'm feeling thats quite an achievement.

I will absolutely be making food as often as I can.

We hope you try this too
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