Saturday, 29 April 2017

Adventure Is Out There

5 years. Half a decade. Guys that's a bloody long time. Wedding anniversaries usually mean fine dining fancy footwear and extra diamonds. Well my darling readers on our anniversary I fell in horse poo. Our celebrations mean pub grub, wellington boots and extra blisters ( from Mr puller Bilbo).

The day started how any day should, with pancakes. We ate till we couldn't eat any more. I was presented with the sweetest of paintings. I gave Mr J the owl and the pussy cat the day before we got married so I love how it went 360.

We dropped Oscar off for a day of adventures with Granny and went on our own.
You may notice we have the Ellie Badge from Up. Jack and I had an UP themed wedding so every anniversary we dust out the badge and pin it with pride.

Our favourite pub allows dogs inside and out so off we went. After tucking into a magical feast we went for a stroll down the sunny canal path. Some of you who have followed Bilbos Instagram for a while may remember his fear of the water... I know a Springer with a Fear of water....

Seems he has lost that and went deep into the canal. Bear attempted to follow when after dipping a paw and a half in came to his senses remembering he is in actual fact a Cavalier and not a Springer.

I have to say that these sunny days really are a thing of dreams. While Jack played with Bilbo , throwing sticks into the water, I sat with Bear making flower crowns.

All fairy tales end in something ridiculous though. Of course they do. They have too. While on the walk...  I fell into horse poo. Not the dry kind either. The kind that squishes into your toes. Truly vile but completely hilarious.

Usually I would end with something like " what a lovely end of the day" This time Ill end this post a little differently...

Watch were you walk ladies and gentlemen.



  1. This so lovely!!! Love getting to see a little glimpse into your life 😍😍 happy happy anniversary to you <3

  2. Oh man :P I hear they say it's a good omen if you fall in horse poo in front of your true love ;) Maybe I made that up >.< But if someone still loves you when you smell bad, they're a keeper :P heh heh.
    Happy Five years! xxx

  3. Aww such a cute dog you have. I just loved the first look of it. It looks so full of life from the pictures that you have posted on your blog.


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