Friday, 7 April 2017

The Day A Cavalier Charmed Chester

In the spirit of spring I am trying something new. I hardly ever blog about my little expeditions out with the dogs as I hadn't thought it would have been of any interest but I'm thinking I would like to look back on it all.  A little disclaimer though. With these sort of posts you will notice that its mainly Bear. Bilbo hasn't got the best of manors when we go exploring so he is walked before hand and left at home with a juicy bone and a film of some kind.

So without further rambelings let me tell you all about the day the Cavalier charmed Chester.

On a sunny Friday my dad called me up and suggested we took a drive to Chester. So I scooped up my son and his most favourite of companions, grabbed my camera and keys and started our adventure.
While driving we passed canal after canal , field after field and counted each cow we past. All while Paddington Bear squished his little nose onto the car window. I think he must love the cold feeling.

We arrived and straight away went to find some food. Both my father and my son ... and my dogs for that matter.. are obsessed with food. We have a house of winnie-the-poohs in all heights. 

I cannot believe how dog friendly the places are in Chester. We chose a tiny little cafe called The cafe at the walls. Its wonderfully dog friendly as they are allowed both inside and out.

There cakes are delicious too.
We then went for a walk down the canal side. Its so wonderfully dreamy and you can't help but become obsessed by the way the ducks dance about on the water. I can see why living on a canal boat is so appealing to some. 

My dad was also smitten with Paddington. He isn't really fond of dogs but made many the attempt to hide little Bear in his jacket and take him back to his home. I think not dad ... I think not.

I would say if you are ever going on an adventure in a highly populated area with any cute dog make sure to add an extra 30 minutes to your time as we were constantly stopped for photos. 

I had a wonderful day. I'm now at home curled up writing this to you with Bilbo by my knee. A very happy day indeed.

I hope that you like this style of blog post

Always yours,



  1. I love hearing about new dog friendly towns. Must add Chester to our list. On a side note I don't blame your dad one bit for wanting to steal Bear!! I am afraid I would want to do the same :)

    1. Oh you must ! Its such a wonderful place to visit xx

  2. This is another town I will be adding to our list to visit! I love Chester, it's such a gorgeous place!

    Becky & Rufus
    Blogger & The Geek


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