Friday, 26 May 2017

Pup Of The Week: Amelia The Cavalier

Pup Of The Week : Amelia The Cavalier 

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our very most favourite of hound and human. The Lady herself Amelia The Cavalier.   I simply could not think of a more wonderful pair to start our new feature off with.
I have been friends with Eva since the start of the year. We both launched our websites at the same time and have been nattering and chatting all about the blogging world ever since.

So without further a do may I please present to you Amelia & Eva.

Name: Amelia 

Nickname: She doesn't have one! But I often talk to her and tell her she is "wow" ! haha

Age: 5

Favourite Food: Milk foam! 

Best Trick: She could play a statue !!!! Her ability to be super still is incredible 

Cheekiest Habit: She tries to body block me from my fiance. She's the only one who is allowed to cuddle with me in her opinion!

Why did you choose a cavalier: Well... I think to be entirely honest it started with seeing Elizabeth Taylor in Sex & the city! Then I met one in real life and they were so sweet. I'd never have any other breed again!

Photos taken by Emma Bearmen Photography

How did you know Amelia was the perfect one in the litter for you?
I didn't really choose Amelia! The breeder of my first cavalier called me to say she has a puppy without a home & she is ready to go next week. I saw a photo of Amelia and couldn't say no! She has a little white chin that makes her look like she just licked cream! I think this is why she didn't have a home to go to, as this breeder had a big line of show dogs. She wasn't too happy about selling me my first dog after I told her I had no intention of ever showing her. 

How long have you been blogging for?
31st of January this year we went live ! 

What is your favourite adventure you have had from blogging?

Well personal favourite for sure is getting to model for Pretty City London! Amelia really enjoyed our trip to The Montague Hotel though!

What is the most embarrassing moment you have had with Amelia?

Most embarrassing... I've just accepted that I look like the silliest person on the planet. Sitting on the ground while Amelia sits on the chair outside a cafe going  " Amelia wow!!! look here WOW! Are you very wow Amelia?" *clicking sounds like to my horse* *holding a ball up in one hand* ... being embarrassed just doesn't fit in haha 

We hope that you enjoyed getting to know the Lady of London. She really is marvelous. Check out her Blog here .
Bilbo & Bear

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Adventures With Paddington Bear: Llandudno

Welcome to our first Cavalier day!

Where is a better way to start our Cavalier Sundays than with a trip back to Paddington Bears home. Wales. Granted this isnt the place we picked him up from but its Wales so its a start!
 We packed ourselves a lunch put on our coats and bundled into the car.We traveled to a very Alice in Wonderland themed place. Llandudno.

The Great Orme

Esentially a rock. It really is a rock of dreams. With virtually no residents the Orme has winding twisting roads leading you all the way up to the very peak. You can park and walk a little or drive all the way up. We of course walked.. best way to break in new boots too! Bear was able to frolic like a newborn lamb. 
There are cable carts that run from the top to the bottom. As it was a windy day I decided to give that a miss.

Alice In Wonderland

I am not sure if entirely accurate but Alice herself used to holiday here. I am a huge huge HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan so when I saw huge sculptures of all my favorite characters I was like a kid at Christmas. 

You must visit and take a peek

I hope that you visit it too and let me know what you think. Does anyone have any suggestions where I should explore next?

Bilbo & Bear

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Friday, 19 May 2017

What's In My Bag + Zolux Carrier Review

What's in my bag?

I bring Paddington Bear everywhere with me. He is a source of calm energy and happiness for me. Some carry crystals I carry a cavalier... and an amethyst actually... I thought not only would I review this bag but I would say what I carry when I go on our adventures. 


I bought this bag on Ebay for £15 but after a little investigation I have found it on amazon. It is a Zolux 5th Avenue taupe faux leather pet carrier. They come in two sizes with a max weight of 4kg.


I find it absolutely amazing. I am usually a backpack type of person however I like to bring my camera with me and that sits in on my back. It is a very snug fit for Bear. He absolutely loves it and when we are at home he likes to clamber in and take naps there.

Why use a bag?!

When I went looking for a bag for Bear I received a lot of heat about it. I had no idea it was such a controversial subject! I though why not explain why we use a bag here. I love to travel with Paddington and with him being so tiny he gets very sleepy. We travel on trips that we walk about all day for and it just isn't great for growing bones to be pounding pressure on them constantly. I also walk for 10k with Bilbo and again I don't see it fair for a puppy to have to keep up with an Springer Spaniel (Even if he tries). 
I also take him into cafes with me and they are usually more flexible with me having a puppy if he is in his own little bag.

Well What Is Inside?!

Inside the bag I have a few absolute essentials I bring with me. I have made a little video wall about what I keep inside it.  Scroll down to see.

 I hope that you have enjoyed Paddington's first ever solo video and that you are enjoying our new blog schedule. What is in your dog essential bag?

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Oh Herky Baby

Herky The Cavalier Rope Leash

We are totally in love with these leashes. I have been using them on Bilbo for the last few months now and they really are holding there end of the bargain of not snapping. I have spoken about it before but I will say it again, Bilbo pulls like no ones business. So I am of good authority to say that these leads are super strong.

Who ?

I suppose you are wondering who Herky the cavalier is? Herky and her little sister Milton are a dynamic duo who not only have taken Instagram and Youtube by storm but have also created a dog specific boutique. They started with these amazing leads and bandannas (as modeled by Mr Baggins above) and now even have home ware. 


You can find there amazing work on there website here. We do have a cheeky little 20% discount code BILBO.

We honestly adore them so much and can't recommend them more. Make sure to check them out. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Bilbo & Bear


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Neoh & Nobo

A Review on Neoh & Nobo

When Neoh & Nobo offered to send us a treat or two to try quite obviously we said YES! It is now common knowledge that Bilbo & Bear are obsessed with food. We are up for trying anything as long as they are a brand who really think about what they are cooking. So when I heard about the simplistic and organic approach that Neoh & Nobo took I was ecstatic. 


It seems that they have only used the most simple of ingredients. It says in there bio Using simple recipes means we can focus upon the quality of each ingredient, as we believe the simpler the treat the better. Our tried and trusted recipes go back to basics using human-grade ingredients."  Bilbo and Bear had the Banana and Turmeric Treat. When I say the list of ingredients is small I really mean it.

Coconut flour,
buckwheat flour,
coconut oil,

Gimmie that treat Human

How They Make it

They have been dehydrated at the lowest of low temperatures. For those who might not know dehydrating your food means that the nutrients is kept. They are all hand made and I personally think there rustic approach makes them look adorable.

They are also all made in small batches so there really is a quality control line.

The big taste test

I have as per usual made a video of Mr Bilbo Baggins and his reaction ( You can find that video at the bottom of the page). Paddington Bear took a little while to eat his but absolutely loved it

Bilbo was very happy to pose and perform his favourite tricks just in the hope being able to munch and crunch on the treat. I would say I have two very happy spaniels. We will absolutely Be trying this again.

A last little note. 

Neoh & Nobo are a brand new company and I feel very honored to join them on there journey. Make sure to check them out.

 Love always
  Bilbo & Bear

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Friday, 12 May 2017

How to Be Adored ( Puppy Edition)

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Guide to being adorable.

I often see humans walk past dogs being walked on the street. I am so adored that my handler has to put me in a handbag so we can get from A to B. So what is my trick to being adored and getting a few extra treats? Read on my canine friend as I am about to let you into all my secrets. 

This post is inspired by a human book called "how to be adored" . No content has been pinched.

Steps for you to follow

One : Nail the dreamy eyes. This is absolutely vital to grabbing someones attention.  You want to open your eyes and while you open them think to yourself " I am fabulous" . The result should be as demonstrated in all of my pictures. I always think to myself that I am fabulous.

Two: Keep relatively quiet. You must never yap. The absolute worst insult to be given is to be called a yappy dog. You must keep yourself dignified at all times.

                                              "Never whimper or whine just look divine."

Three: Walk with purpose. To have people fawn at your feet, run across a busy road to greet you and people to loose there breath when they see you, make sure to walk well. You want to think less pulling Springer spaniel ( Looking at you here Bilbo) and more show pony. You must prance.

Four: Be kind to all creatures. I myself Mr Paddington Bear am loved by creatures tall and small. I have even made friends with ducks that live in the local canal. My gentle disposition means that no animals fear me. Make no mistake they could if I wished because I am fantastic but I prefer the be kind angel. 

Five: My very last and most important point. I may have the looks of an angel and am generally wonderful and genetically gifted and ... * editors note... I think Mr vain you can stop now... It isn't what you look like on the outside. The most Important thing is that your kindness shines from within.

I truly hope that these points have helped you. Have the most wonderful Friday.
Bilbo & Bear

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


We would like to announce a little change about on the blog. We will be posting an awful lot more! Hope that's okay with you all !

Tuesdays: A day just for Bilbo Baggins. 
Friday: Suprise 
Sunday: A day all about the attention seeker himself Paddington Bear

We will also be posting videos onto Youtube each Thursday!

We hope you will join us on our journey.


Sunday, 7 May 2017

We Love Edgard Cooper


Bilbo Loves His Food

We tried Edgard Cooper  and love it!

Food. Our absolute favorite of subjects.  Will we ever not write about it ? I highly doubt that. This time we got to try the scrumptious Puppy and Adult food. I must say as a disclaimer as I always do , I do not have fussy dogs. At all. As I STATE HERE, HERE AND HERE OH AND HERE.

What, Who, Where Why ? 

Never judge a book by its cover...unless its wrapped in Edgard Cooper packaging!!
I am a self confessed magpie and things that dazzle make me pull out the plastic and buy a dozen.

Obviously however shallow I can be it's not about what's on the outside its what's on the inside that counts. I want to actually start with something less taste test orientated.  The reason I wanted to work with this amazing,amazing company is because of their ethics.  Not only do they donate money to dog charity's they went out onto the streets and gave their food away in something called Santas little helpers. They found dog owners who had reached the upsetting state of homelessness and gifted them with food,warmth and fun for their dog. It's incredible. I have never seen a company go above and beyond like that. It really is wonderful. What wonderful incredible people.

Now for the food test. I actually caught Bilbo's reaction on camera so make sure to give that a watch.  I have linked it above.
The kibble is the world's first to be made direct from the protein source. Paddington Bear's from Chicken and Bilbo's from Salmon/Trout.  It is packed with protein, its digestible and highly nutritious. I am a health nut myself so that really is important to me. I adore that they have added veggies, fruit and botanical goodness to the kibble.

 I waited 6 weeks to post this as I wanted to give an honest opinion on how they reacted physically to the food.

  • Poo : An unfortunate and undignified point here but a necessary one. The first few days it was sloppy and awful. On the third day it became much easier to pick up.
  • Coat : Both Bilbo & Bear have kept there shiny coat and if anything the salmon has made Bilbo's coat extra glossy.
  • Prep: So totally easy to prepare. I am used to dehydrated foods so this speed was very much appreciated.

All in all both Bilbo and Bear loved the food. So much so that we have already repurchased more. We really think you should try it out and let us know what you think.



On The Flip Side There Is Always Pancakes

            A hobbit loves food. It is no coincidence as to why my springer is named after such a being.

So as any decent owner would do I made him a portion of pancakes. Pup pancakes to be exact. Now I am not going to pretend the ingredients contain any magical super food and will turn your dog into super dog the saviour of the free world but they won't poison them. I hope they enjoy them. Recipe is below:

                                      I am no chef but it kinda goes like this .....

  • 1 cup of Plain flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup of lactose free/ goats milk
  • 1 cup of water

  1.  place all ingredients into a bowl and mix
  2. lightly oil the pan and cook
          So my list of how to make them really couldn't be shorter could it ? They really are that easy !
                                                   Top with banana , apple or blueberry.  

As you can see from the photo above Bilbo clearly absolutely hated them. Refused to touch them.

The hound hated the pancakes.
Repulsed by the pancakes. 
Lives to avoid the pancakes.
In all seriousness he completely loved them.
I hope your pup enjoys it too.

Shannon & Bilbo


Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dog Friendly Alert : Tatton Park

It's been one of those days. Those days were that are warmer and full of wonder. One of those days where adventure is at the very front of the mind. So that is what we did.

It just so happens that Jacks mum (who is one of a twin) and his aunt came to visit. We gathered a picnic and blanket, put on our walking boots and squeezed into the car. Off we went to my most favourite of places Tatton Park. It really is a park straight out of a Jane Austin Novel. I felt some what of a traitor thumping about it in my big boots!

The grounds around Tatton are never ending. I have been there a few times and am still yet to concur it.  I couldn't believe how dog friendly it was. We saw dog after dog after dog.  We also discovered the very best thing < insert David Attenborough voice here> Deer. In my opinion the most gracious of creatures. I think I relate to them as they are certainly part of the big eye club that I am a VIP too.

Obviously if you have a dog who has a tendency towards herding or chasing keep them on a lead to respect the other animals.

The most wonderful thing is how much there is to do. We found a pile of sticks... when I say pile I'm talking a few trees worth. Children flocked around it as it seems to me that we had found the mecca of den building. Oscar got stuck in straight away. Bilbo also became incredibly infatuated by the sky high pile of sticks. As he is quite the stick obsessed Springer Spaniel I'm sure he would agree... Dog was in Heaven !!!!

There is a reason why Tatton is one of my most favourite of places to visit with Bilbo and Bear. Its the simple fact that they can be free and experience the wonderful landscapes.... lets get real here .. Bilbo was only happy to come along as he could roll around in Deer poop.

I really can't recommend this place more. Even the farm is dog friendly !! Though I will talk about that in another post.

I hope you are all enjoying this marvelous spring .

Shannon + Bilbo & Bear 

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