Sunday, 21 May 2017

Adventures With Paddington Bear: Llandudno

Welcome to our first Cavalier day!

Where is a better way to start our Cavalier Sundays than with a trip back to Paddington Bears home. Wales. Granted this isnt the place we picked him up from but its Wales so its a start!
 We packed ourselves a lunch put on our coats and bundled into the car.We traveled to a very Alice in Wonderland themed place. Llandudno.

The Great Orme

Esentially a rock. It really is a rock of dreams. With virtually no residents the Orme has winding twisting roads leading you all the way up to the very peak. You can park and walk a little or drive all the way up. We of course walked.. best way to break in new boots too! Bear was able to frolic like a newborn lamb. 
There are cable carts that run from the top to the bottom. As it was a windy day I decided to give that a miss.

Alice In Wonderland

I am not sure if entirely accurate but Alice herself used to holiday here. I am a huge huge HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan so when I saw huge sculptures of all my favorite characters I was like a kid at Christmas. 

You must visit and take a peek

I hope that you visit it too and let me know what you think. Does anyone have any suggestions where I should explore next?

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