Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dog Friendly Alert : Tatton Park

It's been one of those days. Those days were that are warmer and full of wonder. One of those days where adventure is at the very front of the mind. So that is what we did.

It just so happens that Jacks mum (who is one of a twin) and his aunt came to visit. We gathered a picnic and blanket, put on our walking boots and squeezed into the car. Off we went to my most favourite of places Tatton Park. It really is a park straight out of a Jane Austin Novel. I felt some what of a traitor thumping about it in my big boots!

The grounds around Tatton are never ending. I have been there a few times and am still yet to concur it.  I couldn't believe how dog friendly it was. We saw dog after dog after dog.  We also discovered the very best thing < insert David Attenborough voice here> Deer. In my opinion the most gracious of creatures. I think I relate to them as they are certainly part of the big eye club that I am a VIP too.

Obviously if you have a dog who has a tendency towards herding or chasing keep them on a lead to respect the other animals.

The most wonderful thing is how much there is to do. We found a pile of sticks... when I say pile I'm talking a few trees worth. Children flocked around it as it seems to me that we had found the mecca of den building. Oscar got stuck in straight away. Bilbo also became incredibly infatuated by the sky high pile of sticks. As he is quite the stick obsessed Springer Spaniel I'm sure he would agree... Dog was in Heaven !!!!

There is a reason why Tatton is one of my most favourite of places to visit with Bilbo and Bear. Its the simple fact that they can be free and experience the wonderful landscapes.... lets get real here .. Bilbo was only happy to come along as he could roll around in Deer poop.

I really can't recommend this place more. Even the farm is dog friendly !! Though I will talk about that in another post.

I hope you are all enjoying this marvelous spring .

Shannon + Bilbo & Bear 



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