Sunday, 7 May 2017

We Love Edgard Cooper


Bilbo Loves His Food

We tried Edgard Cooper  and love it!

Food. Our absolute favorite of subjects.  Will we ever not write about it ? I highly doubt that. This time we got to try the scrumptious Puppy and Adult food. I must say as a disclaimer as I always do , I do not have fussy dogs. At all. As I STATE HERE, HERE AND HERE OH AND HERE.

What, Who, Where Why ? 

Never judge a book by its cover...unless its wrapped in Edgard Cooper packaging!!
I am a self confessed magpie and things that dazzle make me pull out the plastic and buy a dozen.

Obviously however shallow I can be it's not about what's on the outside its what's on the inside that counts. I want to actually start with something less taste test orientated.  The reason I wanted to work with this amazing,amazing company is because of their ethics.  Not only do they donate money to dog charity's they went out onto the streets and gave their food away in something called Santas little helpers. They found dog owners who had reached the upsetting state of homelessness and gifted them with food,warmth and fun for their dog. It's incredible. I have never seen a company go above and beyond like that. It really is wonderful. What wonderful incredible people.

Now for the food test. I actually caught Bilbo's reaction on camera so make sure to give that a watch.  I have linked it above.
The kibble is the world's first to be made direct from the protein source. Paddington Bear's from Chicken and Bilbo's from Salmon/Trout.  It is packed with protein, its digestible and highly nutritious. I am a health nut myself so that really is important to me. I adore that they have added veggies, fruit and botanical goodness to the kibble.

 I waited 6 weeks to post this as I wanted to give an honest opinion on how they reacted physically to the food.

  • Poo : An unfortunate and undignified point here but a necessary one. The first few days it was sloppy and awful. On the third day it became much easier to pick up.
  • Coat : Both Bilbo & Bear have kept there shiny coat and if anything the salmon has made Bilbo's coat extra glossy.
  • Prep: So totally easy to prepare. I am used to dehydrated foods so this speed was very much appreciated.

All in all both Bilbo and Bear loved the food. So much so that we have already repurchased more. We really think you should try it out and let us know what you think.




  1. That looks so amazing! I'm loving the way Bilbo goes mad for it in that video hahaha
    good ethics is always a plus
    is there a link?
    xx Lex

    p.s. bear is growing so quick! nooooooo

  2. So great to read such a fun and genuine review!Thank You Bilbo & Bear ������

    1. Thank you so much, I am so glad that you like it !!!

  3. Ooh this looks really good, I'm looking forward to trying this out for my pet!

  4. Just when I thought Bilbo couldn't get any more shiner. They both look amazing, good job guys. Wish my holly wasnt such a fuss pot and loves food as much as bilbo and bear. Xx

    1. You should still try it! I think she would love it xx

  5. Love the sound of their ethics! x

  6. Always good to know that a company has good ethics. Do they do anything for older dogs? Buddy and Beau are both over 10 now. x

    1. It really is. They do I think. Check out there site

  7. Great read with some really honest info... Deffo worth a try. Thanks for sharing xxx

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