Friday, 12 May 2017

How to Be Adored ( Puppy Edition)

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Guide to being adorable.

I often see humans walk past dogs being walked on the street. I am so adored that my handler has to put me in a handbag so we can get from A to B. So what is my trick to being adored and getting a few extra treats? Read on my canine friend as I am about to let you into all my secrets. 

This post is inspired by a human book called "how to be adored" . No content has been pinched.

Steps for you to follow

One : Nail the dreamy eyes. This is absolutely vital to grabbing someones attention.  You want to open your eyes and while you open them think to yourself " I am fabulous" . The result should be as demonstrated in all of my pictures. I always think to myself that I am fabulous.

Two: Keep relatively quiet. You must never yap. The absolute worst insult to be given is to be called a yappy dog. You must keep yourself dignified at all times.

                                              "Never whimper or whine just look divine."

Three: Walk with purpose. To have people fawn at your feet, run across a busy road to greet you and people to loose there breath when they see you, make sure to walk well. You want to think less pulling Springer spaniel ( Looking at you here Bilbo) and more show pony. You must prance.

Four: Be kind to all creatures. I myself Mr Paddington Bear am loved by creatures tall and small. I have even made friends with ducks that live in the local canal. My gentle disposition means that no animals fear me. Make no mistake they could if I wished because I am fantastic but I prefer the be kind angel. 

Five: My very last and most important point. I may have the looks of an angel and am generally wonderful and genetically gifted and ... * editors note... I think Mr vain you can stop now... It isn't what you look like on the outside. The most Important thing is that your kindness shines from within.

I truly hope that these points have helped you. Have the most wonderful Friday.
Bilbo & Bear

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  1. Both you and your handler are beautiful Bilbo!

  2. This is so adorable !!!!! LOVE <3

  3. So so adorable I love this! Xx

  4. How cute puppy is this! I love puppies.You know i have puppies at my home as well.So cute and lovely post.Thank you for posting such nice post.Keep posting more.


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