Sunday, 14 May 2017

Neoh & Nobo

A Review on Neoh & Nobo

When Neoh & Nobo offered to send us a treat or two to try quite obviously we said YES! It is now common knowledge that Bilbo & Bear are obsessed with food. We are up for trying anything as long as they are a brand who really think about what they are cooking. So when I heard about the simplistic and organic approach that Neoh & Nobo took I was ecstatic. 


It seems that they have only used the most simple of ingredients. It says in there bio Using simple recipes means we can focus upon the quality of each ingredient, as we believe the simpler the treat the better. Our tried and trusted recipes go back to basics using human-grade ingredients."  Bilbo and Bear had the Banana and Turmeric Treat. When I say the list of ingredients is small I really mean it.

Coconut flour,
buckwheat flour,
coconut oil,

Gimmie that treat Human

How They Make it

They have been dehydrated at the lowest of low temperatures. For those who might not know dehydrating your food means that the nutrients is kept. They are all hand made and I personally think there rustic approach makes them look adorable.

They are also all made in small batches so there really is a quality control line.

The big taste test

I have as per usual made a video of Mr Bilbo Baggins and his reaction ( You can find that video at the bottom of the page). Paddington Bear took a little while to eat his but absolutely loved it

Bilbo was very happy to pose and perform his favourite tricks just in the hope being able to munch and crunch on the treat. I would say I have two very happy spaniels. We will absolutely Be trying this again.

A last little note. 

Neoh & Nobo are a brand new company and I feel very honored to join them on there journey. Make sure to check them out.

 Love always
  Bilbo & Bear

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  1. Love love love the pictures!!!!! <3 <3 we can't wait to try these !

    1. I am so glad you like it ! You really should try them out xx

  2. This actually worked for me.Your efforts are remarkable.For how long you have in this field?I like designing but i could not find proper help from anyone.If you could please.Thank you.


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