Friday, 26 May 2017

Pup Of The Week: Amelia The Cavalier

Pup Of The Week : Amelia The Cavalier 

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our very most favourite of hound and human. The Lady herself Amelia The Cavalier.   I simply could not think of a more wonderful pair to start our new feature off with.
I have been friends with Eva since the start of the year. We both launched our websites at the same time and have been nattering and chatting all about the blogging world ever since.

So without further a do may I please present to you Amelia & Eva.

Name: Amelia 

Nickname: She doesn't have one! But I often talk to her and tell her she is "wow" ! haha

Age: 5

Favourite Food: Milk foam! 

Best Trick: She could play a statue !!!! Her ability to be super still is incredible 

Cheekiest Habit: She tries to body block me from my fiance. She's the only one who is allowed to cuddle with me in her opinion!

Why did you choose a cavalier: Well... I think to be entirely honest it started with seeing Elizabeth Taylor in Sex & the city! Then I met one in real life and they were so sweet. I'd never have any other breed again!

Photos taken by Emma Bearmen Photography

How did you know Amelia was the perfect one in the litter for you?
I didn't really choose Amelia! The breeder of my first cavalier called me to say she has a puppy without a home & she is ready to go next week. I saw a photo of Amelia and couldn't say no! She has a little white chin that makes her look like she just licked cream! I think this is why she didn't have a home to go to, as this breeder had a big line of show dogs. She wasn't too happy about selling me my first dog after I told her I had no intention of ever showing her. 

How long have you been blogging for?
31st of January this year we went live ! 

What is your favourite adventure you have had from blogging?

Well personal favourite for sure is getting to model for Pretty City London! Amelia really enjoyed our trip to The Montague Hotel though!

What is the most embarrassing moment you have had with Amelia?

Most embarrassing... I've just accepted that I look like the silliest person on the planet. Sitting on the ground while Amelia sits on the chair outside a cafe going  " Amelia wow!!! look here WOW! Are you very wow Amelia?" *clicking sounds like to my horse* *holding a ball up in one hand* ... being embarrassed just doesn't fit in haha 

We hope that you enjoyed getting to know the Lady of London. She really is marvelous. Check out her Blog here .
Bilbo & Bear

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  1. This is the SWEETEST thing ever ! We love you <3 <3

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