Friday, 19 May 2017

What's In My Bag + Zolux Carrier Review

What's in my bag?

I bring Paddington Bear everywhere with me. He is a source of calm energy and happiness for me. Some carry crystals I carry a cavalier... and an amethyst actually... I thought not only would I review this bag but I would say what I carry when I go on our adventures. 


I bought this bag on Ebay for £15 but after a little investigation I have found it on amazon. It is a Zolux 5th Avenue taupe faux leather pet carrier. They come in two sizes with a max weight of 4kg.


I find it absolutely amazing. I am usually a backpack type of person however I like to bring my camera with me and that sits in on my back. It is a very snug fit for Bear. He absolutely loves it and when we are at home he likes to clamber in and take naps there.

Why use a bag?!

When I went looking for a bag for Bear I received a lot of heat about it. I had no idea it was such a controversial subject! I though why not explain why we use a bag here. I love to travel with Paddington and with him being so tiny he gets very sleepy. We travel on trips that we walk about all day for and it just isn't great for growing bones to be pounding pressure on them constantly. I also walk for 10k with Bilbo and again I don't see it fair for a puppy to have to keep up with an Springer Spaniel (Even if he tries). 
I also take him into cafes with me and they are usually more flexible with me having a puppy if he is in his own little bag.

Well What Is Inside?!

Inside the bag I have a few absolute essentials I bring with me. I have made a little video wall about what I keep inside it.  Scroll down to see.

 I hope that you have enjoyed Paddington's first ever solo video and that you are enjoying our new blog schedule. What is in your dog essential bag?

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