Sunday, 11 June 2017

Bilbo & Bear For Nobo ( Very Exciting News)

Bilbo & Bear for Neoh & Nobo 

Happy Sunday everyone !!! Welcome to a very exciting post. We have been made an official squad member of the Neoh and Nobo crew.  You may have read our first post about them ( here ) .We are always on the hunt for brands that we feel we can really back.

As I am quite the health geek being associated with a brand that really looks at there cooking from a simplistic , quality over quantity perspective makes me so excited and happy.

We are here to tell you all the super duper wonderful news that we have a 20% off code


Neoh and Nobo do so many products which you can see by clicking  here .   I was ridiculously excited that they now put your pups name on the actual treat !!! How cute is that ?!

I would say the very most incredible thing is the three ingredient peanut butter. I have never seen the boys go as crazy for anything in my entire life. Lets put it this way... while shooting for this blog I got peanut butter in my hair up my back and even in my eyebrows. They went mad for it!

I honestly can't recommend it more.

I hope that you try these treats out by using our very wonderful 20% off. I know I will be!

Have a wonderful weekend

Bilbo & Bear 



  1. I can't get over how lovely the personalised biscuits are. I want some for my cats!

    1. hahaha you could try them on it but Im not sure how bailey will respond

  2. I would want to assume this blog talks about a specific type of dog food as a matter of fact most dry dog foods are essential in the bone and teeth development of these animals made possible with the calcium and phosporous in them


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