Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Ginger & Browns + Tail Mail Review

If it isn't dog friendly ..is it even friendly ?!

 Ginger & Browns

This has been a review a long time coming. I was one of the first customers in this gorgeous little shop and a year later I am back to review it.  Ginger & Browns is a pet shop tucked away in the heart of Blakemere Village, Cheshire.

I fell in love with their true honesty and genuine approach. No chains or labels just good quality , tried and tested wonderfullness. Every product is presented with such Love that I always feel myself handing my wallet over and screaming...
                                                              " TAKE MY MONEY". 


This pet mecca is split into a few sections.
 Food, where they stock our favourite Natural Instinct and many others... you wont be finding bakers or Waggs here.
Then dogs , cats and wildlife. I wont be talking about the cat or wildlife part as ... I am sorry to those who I am about to deeply offend.. I am not a person of cats and as I have a bird dog I tend to not supply bird food in the garden in a hope to help there survival.

When visiting Ginger & Browns Bear wore his Millie & Bailey collar. We are obsessed with Millie & Bailey as you may have seen in our earlier post ( here) .
Paddington Bear was totally spoiled when he visited the shop by one of the owners, Josh.

Whenever I take Bilbo for a visit he rushes to the dog pick a mix and the toys. Little Mr Bear tried to sneak himself into all the beds he could reach...Oh to be a Cavalier.

 While speaking to Josh he recommended we try Tail Mail  . Of course we jumped at the opportunity!! Keep Scrolling to see all about it!

Tail Mail

We have been desperate to try out a dog box for a while but haven't found any we truly thought fit with us. Until now. Tail Mail is a monthly subscription box where you tailor a box to fit your dog and get a wonderful surprise!!!  You can choose from a few different types of boxes . You must have a little look at all the options as there are loads!!

This is what we ordered. So you get an idea as to what you might be expecting in the box here is what was in ours.  

 Beautiful Joe's Ethical Treats- These are such a lovely natural product. 100% Ox Liver. For Every Tin of treats that is bought from Ginger & Browns or Tail Mail they donate one to Manchester & Cheshire Dogs home... So basically this is the only treats the boys are getting now. Such a wonderful gesture.

A Tough Rhino- This Rhino is made from buffalo suede leather and is lined with double jute and finished with extra strong stitching.

Disclamer: Bilbo Baggins The Springer Spaniel broke and destroyed this in 2 and a half hours... Thats 2 hours and 29 minutes longer than all the other toys we have ever had! He has only however destroyed the trunk and was unable to get through the rest !

Billy & Margot Popcorn- I cannot wait to watch a film with Mr B and have these. He really loved the flavour when he tried it. 

Anco Lamb Ears - 100% natural air dried treats to keep your pup occupied.

By Benji Biltong for dogs - My south African uncle eats Biltong a lot but I didn't know you could get it for dogs. Needless to say they went mad for it!!

We will absolutely be ordering another box soon....this time probably the destroyer box!!!

To see more from this incredible and wonderful shop click here 

Bilbo & Bear 



  1. I want to go there so bad right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. you must !! Plus look at tail mail...its very amelia ^_^

    2. I was one of the first customers in this gorgeous little shop and a year later I am back to review it. Your post has been very interesting to me, so it seems like a very good post to me that it has a very important point here.

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