Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Movie Night With Bilbo & Bear

Is there anything better than a movie night with your best friend ? Add snacks to the mix and you really are on to a winner. We chose our favourite film (lady and the tramp obviously) and three of our very tastiest of snacks.

Doggy Popcorn: The very yummiest of things. As human popcorn is covered in sugar and salt...not so good for the canine stomach this is a very delicious go to. We have seaweed flavour!!

Neoh & Nobo Banana and turmeric cookies. Truly delicious. We dip these in all sorts and eat away..very messy for human hands.

Last but not least ... Neoh & Nobo Peanut butter... my goodness this is amazing!!!! It makes for some serious mess but its absolutely delicious.

What is your favourite snack to have whilst watching a movie?

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Bilbo & Bear 

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