Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Making An Omber Lead With Millie & Bailey

It is no big secret that I am awful at crafts. The only type of craft I have ever been semi good at is cosplay and even then I choose characters with the least amount of very little work! So when our friend at Millie & Bailey sent us this kit to try out I was filled with all the apprehension in the world. To my delight it was easy peasy and even I the anti Christ of craft did quite a good job.

The kit come with dye , gloves and rope lead with clasp already attached. Much to my gratitude as when it arrived I had panicked I at have to braid the lead and I find tying my laces a challenge!

I think all things considered we did quite a good job. Totally obsessing over this lead. Make sure to get yourself one by clicking here.

Bilbo & Bear

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