Happy Pet, happy owner. 

The fabulously named Boof is a rescue pup and lives with Xena and Danielle in Brisbane. The dogs got a mat each to snuggle up on

Bespoke lap mats for two little rescue dogs, this Lhasa Apso mix girl, a rescue called Xena and her fur family, Boof.

Bilbo and Bear argue about who was there first, before settling down together for a good cuddle.

Stanley rests on his lap mat after a very busy morning being a kitten!

Beautiful Beau the Cockapoo is in Norfolk, and settled into his new bed immediately!

Bilbo wonders if C stands for Confused... or something else?

Milo is absolutely dashing in his retro style bandana.

Jackson and Minnie spend boxing day in the correct fashion, snoozing in their lovely new beds....

Jackson likes to play with his fishbone pillow, then sleep on it.

Minnie practising with her fishbone pillow.

Sandy appreciates the lap mat snuggling in for an hour of strokes and cuddles.

Jackson likes somewhere comfy to rest his chin.

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